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Contest May 2006

QTH: Hornisgrinde (JN48CO)

After our good experiences with the mobile lifting platform in September 2005 we used the platform again this time. We left home on Friday morning and arrived on the sunny Hornisgrinde at 10 a.m.. For installing the rotatable 4 times 5-el DK7ZB group the platform was very helpful. The platform itself carried only two fixed 4 times 5-el DK7ZB groups and the rotatable 17el Cushcraft. 

In September we had problems with the noise level of our TR144H towards N. We thought that this could have been a result of the strong radio signals coming from the SWR tower together with the protection diodes in the TRV input. We removed the diodes and installed a 144MHz bandpass filter. The result was better than in September but the old LT2S still delivered a stronger signal and a higher S/N ratio. Obviously something is wrong with our TR144H. After these tests we ended up with having an IC756proII + LT2S + HA8UG as our first station and an IC765 + TR144H as our second station.

The station was ready on Friday evening. We are getting faster every year.

At 12:30 UTC we started pre contest operation. At 14:10 UTC, 10 minutes after the contest began, we were logging with 96 QSOs per hour. The station worked without any problems. To have a fast rotatable group of 4 times 5el worked out very well, too. Only in directions with heavy QRM we used the 17el cushcraft with its smaller angle.

This time our results towards the North and Northeast were much better, compared to prior contests, but very low towads G and OK. We finished the contest with 858 QSOs, an average of 328 km per QSO and roughly 280.000 points. That's our best contest result. The farthest contact was G4LOH with 985 km.

Due to the good weather we took our time when we packed everything back in our cars. We arrived at home not until half past ten. The contest was a real pleasure.

Thanks a lot for the QSOs and see you again on 144.225 MHz.

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